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The nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15 is starting to be used for pharmacy

The new filter D18 with membrane pump DELLMECO and the nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15 was delivered to Slovakia to the company SANECA PHARMACEUTIALS a.s..

Use of the new nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15 for filtering fryng oil

We have used the new nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15 to filtrate frying oil in the company Pekárna a cukrárna Hořovice s.r.o (Bakery and confectionary Hořovice Ltd.)

Specifically, it concerns the filtration of frying oil in a doughnut fryer. The fryer contains 80 litres of oil. The impurities are settled mainly at the bottom of the fryer. When filtrating, the fryer is not emptied. The filtration is carried out in a circulation way. Sucking tube sucks up the impurities from the fryer bottom so that it was not necessary to take the heating element out of the fryer. Pure oil gets back from the filter to the fryer. The customer needs the oil to be filtrated regularly.

The filtration has used the board filter D 18 equipped with membrane pump DELLMECO. The output of the filter D 18 is 10 litres per hour when using a standard filter fibre. Using the new nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15, we have increased the output of the filter D18 up to 10 litres per minute as well as achieved a better filtration efficiency. Having this filtration output, it is possible to filtrate the oil in the fryer within 10 minutes. The customer has been very satisfied with the output of the filter as same as the purity of the filtered oil.

Nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15 enables the use of small board filter D18 instead of the large board filter D11; to the customer, this solution saves considerable financial costs to get a new filtration device.

Launch of a new nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15 to the market

FILTREX s.r.o.  cooperating with PARDAM s.r.o. developed a new nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15 for filtrating edible oils. The use in the food processing is supported by a positive expert reference SZU 3063/2015 held by National Health Institute.  Nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15 is intended for the use in the board filters D 11 and D 18.

Currently the first orders from abroad are being executed.

Nanofiber membrane RIFTELEN N15 provides with considerably better flow of the filtrated liquid through the filter compared to the classical and currently known filtrating materials having the same pore size.

The intention is to extend the use to other food-processing filtration spheres– wine, beer, mineral water, fruit juice, spirits. 

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