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About us

About us

For twenty-one years, we have been producing highly dependable and powerful filters, and our rich experience ranges from food processing industry filtration to winemaking and brewery filtration. All types of pressure filters are delivered according to customers’ requirements and fitted with pumps.

What makes our filters different from the average filter? The filtration method. The filtering process is enhanced by two intake and two outlet ports. This minimizes pressure drop in the filter and contributes to energy savings. This is the reason why our filters are used by renowned European producers such as STOCK Plzeň, Bohemia Sekt, Granette & Starorežná Distilleries and Vinné sklepy Valtice.

Currently, we supply filters for winemaking, brewing beer, and production of spirits, beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, cosmetics and oils. In addition to filters, we also provide supplementary services such as consulting, overhauls, shipping products and spare parts with cash on delivery, locksmith and lathing services, milling, electric and gas welding, spraying and lacquering.